2nd of the 2 greatest compliments I received for my magic

Magic compliment

As a Chicago magician and corporate entertainer I perform for companies and individuals, onstage and up close, at a dizzying variety of events, including cocktail parties, employee appreciation events, trade shows, client dinners, etc.

However, I consider myself lucky that I get paid to do card tricks, as I love performing magic, whether I’m paid to do so or not, and I perform for friends and family whenever I can.

Recently, I found myself performing for a long time friend and her boyfriend, whom I had never met. We were having dinner and after the meal I offered to share a little magic. I did a short close up set with what I had on me, performing what I typically do at corporate events. When I finished, my friend’s boyfriend paused and said…

“I see why people pay you to do that.”

Like the compliment I blogged about a few weeks ago, it was an unexpected phrase, but like the other, I understood exactly what he meant, and I loved it.

I do love that I get paid to do card tricks. But, really, I just love to do card tricks. That I get paid just means I don’t have to waste my time doing anything else.