Fun, interactive, engaging virtual entertainment!

Corporate entertainer James Sanden has taken his genuinely funny and astonishing magic show and translated it to the virtual environment. With a simple booking process, a clean, proven show, and the ability to perform for your people, wherever they are, James is the easiest and best choice in virtual entertainment!

Not a show you watch, a show you’re part of!

And this is NOT a recording you just sit through. It’s a live, interactive EXPERIENCE filled with the fun, escape and connection they crave. And all your people have to do is log into a Zoom meeting to get it.Check availability and get a quote!

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Whether you have a holiday party, client event or just need a reason to get your team together and make them laugh, contact me. We can talk about how I can give your people what we all need, now more than ever. Fun, connection and extraordinary memories they’ll thank you for.

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